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Anas Johan HassanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Facilities Management(032) 116-5523(014) 630-3229Finance & Facilities Management
Angela Lai Chooi KamEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Assistant Manager, Regulatory Advisory(032) 116-5583(017) 592-6456Regulatory Advisory
Anju KaurEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Senior Manager, Internal Audit(032) 116-6406(012) 615-9949Internal Audit
Ardison ZulkifliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Assistant, Secretarial(032) 116-5579(012) 346-4305Legal & Secretarial
Aswad SemailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Assistant, Human Capital Management(032) 116-5517(013) 676-6108Human Capital Management
Aswandy OthmanEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Pool Driver(032) 116-5469(013) 392-9227Finance & Facilities Management
Audi Amalina Sinaga Syahrul MalikEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Bioeconomy Transformation Programme(032) 116-8566(013) 203-0876Programmes & Delivery Management
Azdinaliza AbdullahEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive Secretary to SVP, Programmes & Delivery Management(032) 116-8557(017) 363-1180Programmes & Delivery Management
Aznita NazizEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, BioIndustrial(032) 116-5438(016) 262-0528BioIndustrial
Azrul Shafiq Izwat NizaruddinEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Entrepreneurship(032) 116-5476(019) 620-2920Commercialisation & Entrepreneurship
 Name Email Position Ext/Office Line Mobile Phone DepartmentEditDelete

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