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Hardi Raimee A BakarEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Manager, Academia - Industry Support(032) 116-5513(010) 231-0518Academia Industry Support
Kurniawati MuhammadEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, Academia - Industry Support(032) 116-5548(013) 330-9371Academia Industry Support
Siti Aqilah KasimEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Academia- Industry Support(032) 116-5587(012) 660-2311Academia Industry Support
Diana Abdul ManafEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive Secretary to SVP, Agbiotech(032) 116-8503(012) 275-1403AgBiotech
Dr. Kodi Isparan KandasamyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.SVP, Agbiotech(032) 116-5446(019) 277-7072AgBiotech
Fang Yeow FooEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Senior Executive, Bussiness Analyst(032) 116-6449(019) 988-9089AgBiotech
Mohamed Faizal Noor BatchaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Senior Manager, AgBiotech(032) 116-5429(010) 464-1570AgBiotech
Reno Zenel Mohd NazriEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Manager, AgBiotech(032) 116-5533(017) 621-0307AgBiotech
Dr. Sara Jane Chiu Soo HoonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, Agbiotech(032) 116-6419(016) 757-9615AgBiotech
Zainal Arifin Md TahirEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Senior Executive, Bussiness Analyst(032) 116-5463(019) 204-7674AgBiotech
 Name Email Position Ext/Office Line Mobile Phone DepartmentEditDelete

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