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 Name Email Position Ext/Office Line Mobile Phone Department
A'zlan Abdul KadirEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, Branding & Communications(032) 116-5437(019) 750-4955Branding & Communications
Abu Hassan Abdul HadiEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Assistant Finance, Corporate Finance & Services(032) 116-5474(017) 345-8301Finance & Facilities Management
Adnan BaharumEmail hidden; Javascript is required.SVP, Corporate Affairs(032) 116-5490(019) 385-2646Corporate Affairs Division
Afiq WagidunEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Procurement(032) 116-5524(014) 230-4830Finance & Facilities Management
Ahmad Fazil ElliasEmail hidden; Javascript is required.AVP, BioIndustrial(032) 116-5465(013) 349-4551BioIndustrial
Ahmad Izral Abdul KarimEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, Finance & Facilities Management(032) 116-5475(019) 237-7790Finance & Facilities Management
Ahmad Najmie Abdul AzizEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Commercialisation(032) 116-6421(012) 349-8123Commercialisation & Entrepreneurship
Ahmad Nazmi IdrusEmail hidden; Javascript is required.VP, Economics & Stakeholder Engagement(032) 116-6436(011) 119-0236Economics & Stakeholder Engagement
Ahmad Zikri Mohamad KhidhirEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Executive, Talent Management(032) 116-8575(019) 701-5065Bio Economy Academy
Ainur Aminah YusofEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Senior Executive ICT Business Solution(032) 116-6446(016) 210-8743ICT
 Name Email Position Ext/Office Line Mobile Phone Department

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