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BioMalaysia 2017

The Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) and Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation, formerly known as BiotechCorp) are proud to be the host of BioMalaysia & Asia Pacific Bioeconomy 2017 from 11 – 13 September 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre with the theme of “Bioeconomy: Driving Growth and Prosperity of the Nation”.

With the recent rebranding, Bioeconomy Corporation has an enhanced role in strategic movement to clarify and strengthen its role in developing a competitive and diverse end-to-end value chain of the Bioeconomy Ecosystem. This drives a strong socio-economic impact to the country by enhancing the wealth, health, and social well-being of the nation through sustainable bio-based approaches translated through the BioMalaysia 2017 platform.

Annually, BioMalaysia attracts more than 10,000 visitors from more than 20 countries. Exhibiting products that are integral in our lives and services that support the global supply chain, BioMalaysia 2017 is a 3-day event where local and international bio-based companies network, build relationships, and share fresh ideas, experiences and practical solutions in the evolving bio-based industry.


In conjunction with BioMalaysia 2017, Bioeconomy Corporation is going to organise Bioeconomy Innovation Awards (BIA) 2017 which will be held on 11 September 2017. Bioeconomy Innovation Awards is a competition which aims to award universities or research institutes that have developed outstanding innovative solutions to technical, social and environmental challenges.

It is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) as a venue for universities to receive Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) points for their achievements in the Research, Development, and Commercialization (R&D&C).

The objectives of the Award are:
1. To encourage and inspire innovation in bio-based fields
2. To recognize individual and organizational achievements in developing new ideas and innovations in bio-based fields
3. To provide a platform for R&D commercialization in bio-based fields
4. To strengthen networking between academia, industries and government agencies.

The Product Categories for the Awards are:
1. Agriculture/Agro-Based Industry
a. Most Innovative Products
b. Most Commercial Ready Products

2. Bio-Industrial Technology
a. Most Innovative Products
b. Most Commercial Ready Product

3. Healthcare & Wellness
a. Most Innovative Products
b. Most Commercial Ready Products

4. Green & Renewable Technology
a. Most Innovative Products
b. Most Commercial Ready Products

Special awards also will be given to represent the top 2 best of the best R&D Products. The special awards are:
1. Bioeconomy Innovation of the Year
2. Most Promising Innovation

Participation in BIA confers various advantages to both participating teams and their institutions which includes International-level innovation competitions typically require participants to win national-level awards as a prerequisite. Thus, winners of BIA will be able to participate in international-level awards and also gain an opportunity to get their innovations potentially commercialized by industry players.

For more information about BIA, please contact Ms Kasmawati Mohamad at 03-2116 6424 or email to

To find out more about BioMalaysia 2017, please visit

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