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Adnan Baharum
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

We are currently in the third and final Phase III of the National Biotechnology Policy (2016 – 2020) – “Going Global”. In our effort towards going global, a large focus is centred on intensifying efforts in increasing commercialisation and expansion of local bio-based industry.

Malaysia, having already established its own bioeconomy roadmap, follow suit of other countries in reaching out to engage international partners, partaking in a global network of 45 countries currently having its own dedicated bioeconomy blueprint.

The Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation), as the lead economic development agency for the bio-based industry has continuously work towards building a conducive ecosystem that will attract participation and support from both local and international stakeholders. A myriad of strategies are being implemented, one of which is through the BioMalaysia platform.

BioMalaysia – Malaysia’s premier and largest annual biotechnology exhibition, is a platform specially catered for biotechnology professionals to gather, meet and network. The event is also a strategic collaboration platform that aims at fostering regional and international collaborations and partnerships in the bio-based industry – and to showcase the latest bio-based innovations and solutions, products and services. Over the past fourteen editions, BioMalaysia has opened up countless business and partnership opportunities, helping to realise the vast socio-economic potential our local bio-based sector could offer.

Since 2008, a total of 67, 000 visitors, including investors, business people, researchers, students, and the general public have walked up to the booths of various bio-based companies, technology financiers, universities and research institutions. Over 70 collaborations and documents exchanges has taken place in the same period, involving local and international organisations.

Making the most of the events, BioMalaysia has play host to many influential speakers consist of policy makers and captains of industry sharing their unique experiences and perspectives on topics relating to the bio-based industry.

These are noteworthy achievements, and greater result could be attained if we also focus on enhancing international cooperation. By right, this is necessary as we strive to go global. While the BioMalaysia platform has taken a more global approach in recent years – with the inclusion of the Asia Pacific Bioeconomy theme, Malaysia could certainly capitalise on its unique position in ASEAN and the region while advocating the country to become the region’s biotechnology and bio-based hub.

Apart from the country’s strategic location to access major markets in Asia-Pacific, our excellent infrastructures, ease for doing business and sound legal and regulatory environment are plus points to attract investors. Further to that, with our professional talent pool of highly skilled and educated workforce, reliable and flexible, the country offers another layer of opportunity by serving as a frontier to the larger Asia-Pacific market.

While we aim at advancing the local bio-based sector, we are able do so by initiating more cross-border strategic collaborations. We could share and learn from each other’s unique experiences. Addressing the international dimension of bioeconomy of this scale will be an ambitious agenda but nonetheless a laudable goal.

This year, BioMalaysia & Asia Pacific Bioeconomy 2017 (BioMalaysia 2017) is themed “Bioeconomy – Driving Growth and Prosperity of the Nation”. The agenda is focused at improving people’s wellbeing by means of inclusivity and sustainable development, ensuring the success of Malaysia’s progress to a high-income and advanced economy.

BioMalaysia 2017 aims at achieving this by creating global market access for BioNexus Status companies, strengthening the Bioeconomy value chain via public-private collaborative programmes, and by creating a platform for business to business (B2B) networking and collaboration.

The event will also certainly focus at increasing the number of bio-based companies and professionals through the promotion of various programmes and initiatives, and to improve the overall bio-based industry ecosystem in Malaysia.

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