Recognition Programme on Cosmetic & Personal Care Products

Why Introduce a Recognition Programme ?

Increase Consumer Confidence
In line with the current lifestyle trends and the expanding local market for cosmetics, companies are looking for a programme which will reassure customers and raise consumer confidence on local cosmetics to compete equally with international brands.

Most Competitive Advantage
A recognition label to indicate that the product has been tested can be a new source of competitive advantage in the consumer markets for brand owners who make the effort to join the programme against the other local cosmetics manufacturers.

Avoid Tabloid Cosmetics Scandals
The image of genuine local cosmetics manufacturers have been tarnished by sensationalist news reports whenever the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (NPRA) announces cosmetics product recalls. The successful implementation of a recognition programme may minimize the number of embarrassing incidents for the nation as this programme tests and confirms that the products have been duly tested according to the limits as specified by NPRA.

Harmful Products in Cosmetics Detected by NPRA

Adulteration or harmful ingredients in notified cosmetics detected by NPRA are as follows:

  • Mercury
  • Hydroquinone
  • Tretinoin
  • Steroids
  • Azelaic Acid

Problem Statement

Consumers are concerned on the safety of local cosmetics

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