Revotropix Paulownia Farming BCDP Project Expected to Enhance Agro-Entrepreneurship in Rompin


Revotropix Paulownia Farming BCDP Project Expected to Enhance Agro-Entrepreneurship in Rompin

Kuala Lumpur, 15 May 2019 – Green Afforestation International Network (Gain-Green) has signed an agreement with participants from Rompin (represented by the Committee Members of Tanaman Semula Berkelompok (TSB)) to conduct the RevoTropix Paulownia Farming Project in Rompin, Negeri Sembilan under the Bioeconomy Community Development Programme (BCDP) today. The project, which is under the supervision of Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corp) involves 163 participants who will supply Paulownia wood as raw materials to Gain-Green.

Through the RevoTropix Paulownia Planting Project under BCDP, Bioeconomy Corp will provide support, coordination, monitoring and selection of participants to Gain-Green, who acts as the anchor company for this project. Gain-Green will provide seeds, technical know-how and training, advisory and farming design, as well as guaranteed buy-back for the Paulownia trees harvested by participants of the project.

The project involves a 978-acre land that has been secured under the Pinggir Felcra Rompin Plan. In line with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry’s (MOA) aspiration to empower farmers in Malaysia, the project is expected to enhance agro-entrepreneurial skills among the participants.

“This BCDP project can improve their technical skills and work experience in agriculture, specifically the farming of Paulownia trees. This project can contribute to the timber industry in Malaysia due to the uniqueness of Paulownia trees such as their rapid growth rates and the high value of timber sales commodities,” said Dr. Mohd Shuhaizam Mohd Zain, Chief Executive Officer of Bioeconomy Corp during the signing ceremony today.

The signing ceremony is a follow-up to the launch of the new BCDP model for the RevoTropix Paulownia Farming Project in conjunction with the 2019 BioUsahawan event which was held on 15 March 2019 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. With this new BCDP model, the RevoTropix Paulownia Farming Project can be implemented more commercially and sustainably as it involves direct financing and engagement between the private sector (Gain-Green) and the participants.

The first phase of the RevoTropix Paulownia Farming Project is expected to contribute around 600,000 cubic meters of wood supply to the industry, as well as benefit about 600 individuals and produce at least 50 bio-agropreneurs. Currently, 41 BCDP projects are being conducted at various stages, involving almost 3,000 participants. These projects are expected to bring impact to approximately 13,000 individuals.

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