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TechNetwork by Bioeconomy Corporation

The majority of researchers who chose to become entrepreneurs share the common problem of finding the right channel to commercialise their products. The resultant of this issue affects product sales, potential company growth, and even leads to difficulties in the continuity of research for product development.

Therefore, Bioeconomy Corporation under the Department of Product Development & Community Programmes, is providing an avenue through an online LIVE networking session for  researchers nationwide to share their interesting findings and/or products for a niche target audience mainly from the industry. This programme offers to both the presenter and audience the opportunity to share knowledge, explore business potentials, and to integrate networking circles.

Bioeconomy Corporation will facilitate by organising this TechNetwork programme once a month, highlighting a variety of research topics.

Expected benefits:

a) Introduction and direct engagement with new business prospect(s)
b) Gain contacts with potential buyers/traders/investors
c) Higher probability for business partnering (i.e. Joint Venture)
d) Establish marketing platform to sell products related to the research findings
e) Consultancy support by Bioeconomy Corporation as government agency

Who should join?

  • Business owners
  • Product managers
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technology Transfer officers
  • Individuals interested in gaining knowledge on the given topic of the session

Join the TechNetwork programme on Google Meet by registering at

For more information, email to

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