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Malaysia: Asia’s bioeconomy powerhouse

Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation) is the force that drives biotechnology at the forefront of Malaysia’s economic growth and transformation.
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Among the programmes and services we offer:

As a dedicated government agency, Bioeconomy Corporation is focused on developing Malaysia’s biotechnology industry. It provides high-quality developmental, advocacy, and support services to realise the goals of the National Biotechnology Policy.

BioNexus Status

An exclusive recognition awarded by the Malaysian Government to qualified companies undertaking biotechnology activities that entitle them to special incentives.

Bio-based Accelerator Programme (BBA)

A facilitation programme that nurtures bio-based start-ups to move up the value chain and become more innovative and tech-savvy.


Equity-based and debt-based options to assist biotechnology companies with their funding needs.


BioAcademy nurtures talents and develops skilled, knowledgeable workers through comprehensive training and capacity-building initiatives to support the biotechnology industry.

Halal Boost Programme

A Halal certification training and coaching platform for bio-based companies.

Product Development Programme

A programme that facilitates bio and agro-based companies to enhance their goods into improved and innovative products.
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BioNexus Status

The BioNexus Status is granted to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies. This status provides fiscal incentives, funds, and other guarantees to help companies grow.

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Skill Enhancement with BioAcademy

BioAcademy aims to enrich graduates at all level to pursue careers in biotechnology through skill enhancement as well as life-long learning.

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