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Bioeconomy Corporation is the lead development agency for the bio-based industry in Malaysia, under the purview of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Who we are?

Guided by National Biotechnology Policy 2.0

Owned by Ministry of Finance Incorporated

Reporting to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Bioeconomy Corporation is responsible for executing the objectives of the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) and acts to identify value propositions in both R&D and commerce and to support these ventures via financial assistance and developmental services.

Bioeconomy Corporation’s key mandates are as follows:

Policy & Advocacy
Act as the central point in providing support, facilitation and advisory
Industry Empowerment
Nurture and accelerate growth of Malaysian bio-based companies
Networking & Investment
Actively promote foreign direct investments in bio-based industry
Bio Industry Ecosystem
Create conducive environment for bio-based industry
Global Strategy

Improve the position of bio-based industry by implementing the going global strategy

Conducive Value Chain

Promote bio-based companies up the value chain via targeted collaborative programmes

Raising Living Standards

Promote use of bio-based technology to improve income of the bottom 40% (B40) of population, urban and rural community. B40 refers to the group of households that make up the bottom 40% of the income distribution, where the monthly household income does not exceed RM3,855

Development of bio-entrepreneurs
Creation of bio-based clusters throughout the nation
Human capital development for bio-based industry
Facilitate funding ecosystem for bio-based industry
Champion the nation’s sustainable bioeconomy development

Bioeconomy Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Bioeconomy Corporation encapsulates the essential elements of quality to provide the highest degree of accountability, integrity, excellence, and teamwork in all of our commitments.