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Lab Tested Programme

Lab Tested Programme is an initiative by Bioeconomy Corporation to assist cosmetic and personal care manufacturers to gain consumers’ confidence in their products by encouraging them to undergo laboratory testing specified by the relevant authorities.


This programme ensures that products are safely used by consumers through laboratory tests that comply with international standards. Successful products that are tested and qualified, will be given recognition through the ‘Lab Tested’ logo.


The benefits of joining this programme are to ensure that manufacturers and sellers of cosmetics and personal care products comply with the regulations and standards set by the Ministry Of Health, MOH under the Drug Sale Act 1952. The ‘Lab Tested’ logo gives users an overview that these tested products are safe for use and free from prohibited substances.


Registered SSM

For a product lab test service in Malaysia, the applicant must be registered with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), ensuring the business is legally recognized and compliant with local regulations.

Valid License PBT

The applicant must hold a valid Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) license, which demonstrates adherence to the necessary safety and quality standards required by local authorities.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Products must consistently controlled according to established quality standards, guaranteeing safety.


Safety validation for cosmetics & personal care products
Laboratory tests that comply with international standards
Increase confidence & trust among consumers

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