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BioAcademy is one-stop training & learning hub for the biotechnology & bio-based industries.


As a one-stop training & learning hub for the biotechnology and bio-based industries, BioAcademy is focused on developing and nurturing competent, adaptive industry-driven talents, workforce capabilities, and bio-entrepreneurs to contribute towards building Malaysia as a high-tech nation.

This is aligned with the NBP2.0 and DAN2.0 to develop specialised and industry-oriented talents to support the needs of in biotechnology, bio-based, and agriculture biotechnology industries.

Agriculture Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Healthcare Biotechnology

Compliance & Industry Awareness

Essential Soft Skill for Business

Business Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Focus Group

Training conducted at BioAcademy is for upskilling and/or reskilling of biotechnology talents

  • Graduates
  • Biotech employees
  • BBA Participants
  • BioNexus Participants
  • BioKerjaya
  • and other companies based on industry demand in three (3) main areas.

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