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Telesto Diagnostics Sdn. Bhd. is a Medical Device company setup by Actis Biologics Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Telesto uses an advanced image analysis with a focus on medical computer-aided diagnosis for breast cancer software. Its innovative software is an advanced mathematical science in computer-aided location and identification of very small and obscure features with random shapes. The system uses the collective knowledge of leading physicians and has demonstrated an accuracy of 95% as compared to the 70% – 90% accuracy achieved through traditional methods thus providing a quantum leap in radiologist’s ability to accurately detect potential breast cancers.

Benefits of the computer aided diagnosis system

The Telesto CAD mammography system analyzes images from standard x-ray films familiar to the physician. It assists radiologists in identifying and analyzing many types of breast cancers including subtle ones not visible to the naked eye. It also saves time through its automated batch mode processing and location of potentially cancerous features on the x-ray image. Its consistently higher accuracy than that achievable through manual (visual) reading is expected to help physicians improve patient outcomes and reduce medical costs. The system’s speed allows processing mammograms while the patient is still in the physician’s office, thus potentially reducing the need for patient recalls. Its use may also help reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies. The product can also help less experienced radiologists and provide training to improve their performance.

In addition to the mammography application, the Company believes its core technology can be used in other areas of medical imaging. After commencing sales of the Telesto CAD product, the Company plans to develop software for the detection of lung cancer from chest x-rays. Other forms of cancer such as liver, stomach and brain will also be investigated for possible application o the technology. Orthopedic x-rays for investigation and diagnoses of difficult areas of the body such as knee joints and osteoporosis is also a potential market. Other medical applications, which may be evaluated, are the analysis of images from ultrasound, x-ray computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MRI).

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