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ACGT Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asiatic Development Berhad, and a listed plantation company in the Genting Group. ACGT is set up as a center of excellence in genomic science that focuses on the application of genome technology for crop improvement. It is the mission of ACGT to develop genomics-based solutions to increase productivity and enhance value creation for oil palm and other crops. ACGT plans to initially focus on R&D activities in genome sequencing and biomarker discovery that will lead to innovations for enhancing the production, sustainability and value added of oil palm production. This is in link with the core business of its parent company, which is in oil palm plantations. The outcome of this R&D will be applied to the production of novel high yielding oil palm planting materials throught conventional breeding and tissue culture. It is envisaged that ACGT’s research and commercialization efforts will contribute towards economic growth of the agriculture sector, benefiting the plantation industry and rural smallholders. The “BioNexus” status is accredited to the company for the development of its genome sequencing and biomarker discovery programme.

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Region Central

State W.P Kuala Lumpur

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Biocatalyst, Enzyme & Fine and Speciality Chemicals