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Airestec Innovations Sdn Bhd

Airestec Innovations is principally involved in the commercialisation of enzyme-based decontamination and cleaning products for Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, which enhance indoor and outdoor air quality and help with odour control.The company’s product penetrates and breakdown biofilms (bacteria, mould, algae and fungus) in the HVAC system via its enzymatic activities which are highly specific and targeted at the different substrates in the biofilm, without corroding the metal coils and components of the HVAC system. It will also reduce the causes of “Sick Building Syndrome” and/or “Building Related Illness” and protect the environmentOur research arm obtained the prestigious BioNexus status in 2011. The research activities are primarily focused on enzyme technology. Airestec produces suites of enzymatic cleaning agent for household and industrial usage that have been certified under the SIRIM Eco-label scheme and endorsed by the government under MyHIJAU Mark scheme as authentic environmentally-friendly products.

Company Information

Region Central

State Selangor

Industry BioIndustrial

Cluster Biocatalyst, Enzyme & Fine and Speciality Chemicals