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All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd

All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd (ACI) is involved in the production and marketing of high grade bio-chemical and bio-organic fertilisers and agriculture-related activities. Supported by its know-how in bio-technology, the company plans to venture into production of animal feed nutrition in the immediate future.The company was incorporated in 1999 with a paid-up capital of RM30 million and at present, the company is operating three plants. Its initial 300,000 tonnes capacity plant is located at the export hub of Pasir Gudang in Johor and two other plants were comissioned in Shandong China. Plans are in the pipe-line to have more plants built strategically overseas to boost production capacity and to be nearer to market centres.ACI produces 20 different types of fertilisers for the Malaysian market and other markets within the ASEAN region. At present, the products of the Malaysian plant are exported to Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines. The company’s plant in Shandong primarily caters for the China market. The company is making inroads into the Middle East markets with its highly dependable bio-organic and bio-chemical fertilisers.

Company Information

Region Southern

State Johor

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Crop Biotechnology