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Ar-Raudhah Bio-Tech Farm

Ar-Raudhah Bio-Tech Farm Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 13 April 1989 as IMMS Holdings Sdn Bhd. The name of the company was changed to ar-Raudhah Bio-Tech Farm Sdn Bhd on 28 December 2006.Ar-Raudhah Bio-Tech Farm is in the production and commercialization of life animals which are bred using two biotechnology reproduction techniques, Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET). Currently, the company is concentrating on the breeding of Boer Goats using AI and ET techniques.

Company Information

Region Central

State W.P Kuala Lumpur

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Livestock Biotechnology, Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology