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Biogenica Scientific Sdn Bhd

Biogenica Scientific Sdn Bhd (BSSB) is a 100% Malaysian-owned research-based biotechnology company, incorporated in 2008, specialized in molecular diagnostics. The company is focusing on supplying and developing multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) -based non-Halal food detection kits as well as providing services in the fields of its specialization. Strategic alliance partners are running the reference laboratories to conduct the services.The company’s current R&D activities include the development of antibody-based rapid diagnostic test kits to detect non-Halal components in food. The expected products would be the first in the world and much more practical diagnostic test kits for non-Halal food detection, whereby the users do not need to have laboratory working experience.BSSB has teamed up with the experts in biotechnology to further enhance its BioNexus R&D activities. The collaborations have been established with local research and learning institutions.In addition, BSSB is offering consultancy services in its fields of specialization.

Company Information

Region Northern

State Penang

Industry BioMedical

Cluster Medical Devices & In Vitro Diagnostic