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Healol Melaka Biotech Sdn Bhd

Healol Melaka Biotech Sdn Bhd was incorporated in November 2006.Healol Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd., is the flagship company which is solely focused in sales and marketing activities. Having a strong presence in 7 South East Asian countries for the last 14 years, Healol has successfully launched over 65 products from world repute companies through a dedicated marketing team of over 340 personnel working at different levels in this region. This strong presence has initiated the backward integration into research and manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs and Herbal formulations.Healol Melaka Biotech Sdn Bhd., is the Joint Venture Enterprise between the Flagship Company and Melaka Biotech Holdings, which is the Melaka State Government’s biotech undertaking. Under this company a full fledged R&D facility will be set up to research new herbal formulations and their standardization, which will set a new bench mark for local herbal producers to provide a consistent product range. A continuous Extraction Plant will commercialize this research into a range of fine quality Products. The research and the products thus produced will be marketed globally by the Flagship Company.Healol Pharmaceuticals specializes in the marketing of Quality Generic Pharmaceutical Products, and has recently introduced quality Herbal Product ranges which is gradually gathering momentum. Healol’s intention to do research in the Malaysian Bio-diversity strengthened with the formation of the Joint Venture where a pool of expertise was instantly realized. Healol had the marketing muscle to promote any Biotech related product in South East Asia and the State Government of Melaka had the basic infrastructure and land for cultivation and research, thereby realizing the dream of the JVC to excel in the global markets with Malaysian made Herbal Products.

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State Melaka

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Natural Product Discovery & Commercialisation