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Hopematic Sdn Bhd

Hopematic, a subsidiary of INS Bioscience Bhd, specialises in research and development, marketing and commercialisation of INS Bioscience Group’s healthcare products, supplying raw materials and developing bioscience technology products. The company develops world class herbal formulations through the application of advance biotechnology processes. It then commercialises products via international trading and also provides OEM services both locally and overseas to countries in the ASEAN region, China, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong and United States.To develop and commercialise a novel biotech product, the company forges strategic alliances between research institutions and business pioneers. It provides a platform for local and overseas research institutions to commercialise their research output. The company adheres with compliance requirements of current GMP (cGMP) and ISO17025 standards. Hopematic also aspires to be the developer, manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products.

Company Information

Region Central

State Selangor

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Natural Product Discovery & Commercialisation