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IOI Palm Biotech Sdn Bhd

IOI Palm Biotech Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad.IOI Palm Biotech is set up with the vision for value creation and for boosting agricultural/plantation productivity. Its main mission is to provide for huge improvement to the yield and quality of planting materials through tissue culture technology and other innovative state-of-the-art technologies through continuous biotech, genomics and molecular marker research.IOI Palm Biotech Centre comprises a purpose-designed and built Tissue Culture laboratory for commercial production of high yielding oil palm clones and other crop species; and research laboratories for biotech, genomics and molecular research; as well as nurseries for establishment of clonal ramets.Superior high yielding oil palm clones are produced from the production facilities, using expertise in tissue culture technology developed in house through years of intensive and systematic research. Millions of high yielding clonal palms have been produced and field planted, and has shown great increase in oil extraction rates and oil yield from the fresh fruit bunches(FFB) produced in areas with pure stands of the clonal planting.Expertise and experience in tissue culture propagation and commercialization of other plant species for IOI Palm Biotech include a wide variety of ornamental species such as Anthurium, Limonium Misty Blue, Pelargonium, orchids and ornamental pineapple; and fruit crops such as banana and pineapple.IOI Palm Biotech’s research and commercialization efforts are expected to contribute and provide for continuous economic growth and optimum sustainability of the agricultural, and in particular oil palm plantation sector.

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State Selangor

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Crop Biotechnology