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KL Biotech Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (KLBM) was established in Malaysia on 19th June, 2006. KLBM was found by Dr. Abdul Reezal abdul Latiff who is also the Chief Executive officer. KLBM was principally set-up to focus on biotechnology research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of health supplements, food supplements and pharmaceutical products, and leveraging on the vast experience and expertise of its scientific directors in the field of biotechnology for the commercialization of active compounds derived from local biodiversity. KLBM is headquartered at Selangor Science park, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor darul Ehsan. KLBM’s research and development facilities and manufacturing division are located within the same site.KLBM’s mission is to develop innovative health based products which focus on the commercialization of various indigenous Malaysian herbs through the utilization of biotechnology methods that primarily focus on the isolation, screening and identification of active compounds from local biodiversity especially herbs. KLBM will promote the responsible application of herbal products and will endeavor to ensure that the highest levels of integrity are constantly maintained and that their products are of the highest degree of safety and efficacy. KLBM aims to achieve its objectives through the development of new standards of identification, purification and analysis of herbs. Moreover, KLBM will also critically and objectively review traditional and new scientific data with regards to its area of focus. KLBM also aims to produce products which are priced to appeal to cost and health conscious consumers.KLBM currently has in its portfolio three proprietary brands which are namely the Biohealth, Le Bisia and Actemax brand of products. With the application and development of KLBM’s biotechnology research initiatives, especially in the use of DNA fingerprinting, this will add scientific value which will also hopefully translate to further commercial success for KLBM’s current and future range of products. The setup of the molecular biology lab will also be in link with KLBM’s application and proposed BioNexus activities.In addition to the R&D benefits which will enhance the quality of KLBM’s products, the company will indirectly help develop and nurture the local herb farming industry and educating local farmers to international standards. This in turn will promote the local biodiversity in Malaysia and KLBM will assist the farmers, through the development of new technologies, to enhance the quality of their herbs. At the same time, KLBM’s activities are also in line with the Malaysian Governement’s National Biotechnology Policy, in terms of expanding into R&D and moving to enhance biotechnological processes to improve local health products. KLBM will also be promoting the health properties and raising the awareness of Malaysian herbs internationally to a level which is comparable to Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese herbs. KLBM also aims in attracting foreign knowledge workers who want to study and research the full potential of Malaysia’s biodiversity.

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