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Neopeutics Sdn Bhd

Neopeutics is an early-stage drug-discovery contract research partner formed around the commercialisation of technology developed at UCSF/QB3 in California. In addition to CRO services, the company provides bioinformatics software and a drug screening technology package. Its primary services includes contract research for private and governmental regulatory agencies for industry, drug-discovery services, data analysis and interpretation, advisory services, value-added services and quality assurance services.Neopeutics’ proprietary drug discovery technology combines the power of high-throughput chemical genetics with genetic interaction mapping to create a unique quantitative cross-species drug target identification platform that is highly competitive, robust and relatively low cost. This technology is suitable for elimination of compounds of potentially low therapeutic value in the early stages of drug discovery, forming a natural niche in the contract drug-discovery market. The company is currently based in Penang, with a support office in San Francisco.

Company Information

Region Northern

State Penang

Industry BioMedical

Cluster Contract Manufacturing Organisation