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Olipro Biotechnology Sdn Bhd

OLIPRO is the platform constructor of medical diagnosis biochip. They are a leading Malaysian biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel diagnostic biochips. They are engaged in research, development and production of different medical diagnosis biochips.Their main products include: 1) Protein and nucleic acid based biochips. 2) Biochip analysis system, including visible light analysis system and fluorescence analysis system. 3) Contract research and OEM services.OLIPRO has strong scientific researchers, steady commercial network and is managed by an outstanding team of professionals with experience in biochips development, molecular markers research, pharmaceuticals, corporate finance and business development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.At present, TB Protein Biochip is being developed and under validation for clinical diagnosing, while Porcine Gene Biochip is under filed evaluation. Other pipeline biochips are Foodborne Pathogens Gene Biochip, Pesticide Residues Screen Protein Biochip, Helicobacter pylori biochip, Acute Myocardial Infarction markers biochip, tumor markers screening biochip and other tropical disease biochips. They also plan to manufacture biochips for epidemic prevention, including premarital health test biochip, child health test biochip, routine health examination biochip, woman health examination biochip, etc.OLIPRO’s near-term objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of its diagnostic biochips which are currently being developed and to obtain approval for commercialisation in key markets.The Company’s long-term goal is to become a diagnostic biochips company with a broad portfolio of patient-tailored biochips for the Point-of-Care market.

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Region Central

State Selangor

Industry BioMedical

Cluster Medical Devices & In Vitro Diagnostic