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Revongen Corporation Sdn Bhd

The Revongen Corporation (REVCORP) is a regional bioscience conglomerate with business divisions in life science research, biomedical technology and bio-prospecting. We serve markets in South East Asia, China, India and the Australasian region and are expanding steadily in more countries.Our business units under REVCORP operate efficiently within its own specialist field whilst operating symbiotically within other businesses units under the umbrella of the REVCORP conglomerate. The experienced key management team provides REVCORP with the vision of the company while internationally renowned scientists within its consultancy panel ensure a high degree of scientific rigor to support the strong business fundamentals of individual units.

Company Information

Region Central

State W.P Kuala Lumpur

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Livestock Biotechnology, Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology