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Yakin Biolab Sdn Bhd

Yakin Biolab Sdn Bhd is a biotechnology based research company specialising in natural product chemistry and bio-materials. It possesses a production scale extraction plant to extract bio-molecular organic compounds using supercritical fluid (SCF) extraction process, an advanced green chemistry extraction technology which uses supercritical carbon dioxide fluid as solvent. Its business activities entailing supercritical fluid research can be split into contract research services as well as marketing.Yakin Biolab, is also a supplier of supercritical extracts. To date, the mangosteen extract which is well-known for its anti-oxidant property, is one of the crucial plant extracts that have been developed into a flourishing end product by Yakin Biolab. This mangosteen extract is now on full-scale production and will be used as supply as raw material to Yakin Invest to be used in the development of cosmetic products.

Company Information

Region Central

State W.P Kuala Lumpur

Industry AgBiotech

Cluster Natural Product Discovery & Commercialisation