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Wan Hasnul Nadzrin Wan Sulong

Wan Hasnul, VP of Corporate Services, has 15 years’ experience in biotech industry, focusing on finance and business development.

Wan Hasnul Nadzrin Wan Sulong

Vice President, Corporate Services

Wan Hasnul Nadzrin Wan Sulong is the Vice President for Corporate Services at Bioeconomy Corporation. He has over 15 years of financial, business development, regulatory, and corporate strategy management experience in the biotechnology industry.

His vast experience in the economic and commercial aspects of biotechnology industry has led to the success of key developmental programmes such as BioNexus Status, funding, and incentives as mandated and guided by the National Biotechnology Policy.

He was also involved directly in attracting foreign direct investments into Malaysia and has successfully shaped the development of agendas of biotechnology and bio-based industries in the Dasar Agromakanan Negara 2.0 in alignment with the aspiration to modernise application in the agriculture sector.

Wan Hasnul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Greenwich University, London.