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 Company Name Industry Region State View Profile
1 Caviar Malaysia Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralW.P Kuala LumpurView
ACGT Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralW.P Kuala LumpurView
AG Bio Tech Sdn BhdAgBiotechNorthernPenangView
AGR Smart Biotech Sdn BhdAgBiotechSouthernJohorView
Agro Science Resources Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
Agrovery Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralNegeri SembilanView
Algae International Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralNegeri SembilanView
Algaetech International Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralW.P Kuala LumpurView
All Cosmos Industries Sdn BhdAgBiotechSouthernJohorView
Ar-Raudhah Bio-Tech FarmAgBiotechCentralW.P Kuala LumpurView
AsiaBio ZymeScience Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
Asma Agro Sdn BhdAgBiotechSouthernJohorView
Avenue Biotech Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
BE Biomarine Sdn BhdAgBiotechNorthernPenangView
Bio Delta Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralNegeri SembilanView
Bio-RT Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
Bio-Science R&D Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
BioTrack Technology Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralSelangorView
Bioalpha R&D Sdn BhdAgBiotechCentralW.P Kuala LumpurView
Biogrowth Sdn BhdAgBiotechSouthernJohorView
 Company Name Industry Region State View Profile

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