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Mini Biocareer at Quest International University to Unearth Hidden Talents & Future Professionals in Malaysia’s Biotechnology & Bio-based Industries

IPOH, 6 October 2022 – Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation) in collaboration with Quest International University (QIU) will organise a Mini BioCareer at QIU in Ipoh, Perak from 7 to 8 October 2022. The career awareness event aims to promote and enhance understanding of the biotechnology and bio-based industries among QIU students and the public while shedding light on the various career opportunities in the industry. Final-year students majoring in biotechnology or life sciences will also get the chance to experience the Finishing School Programme and obtain industry insights through Mini BioCareer.

Chief Executive Officer of Bioeconomy Corporation, En Mohd Khairul Fidzal Abdul Razak states that Mini BioCareer is one of many BioAcademy programmes under Bioeconomy Corporation that contributes to one of the National Biotechnology Policy 2.0’s (NBP 2.0) targets, namely to create 80% of biotechnology graduates through micro-accreditation programmes and 20% through post-graduate programmes.

“We are honoured to host the Mini BioCareer with QIU, as we believe this is more than just a biotechnology career fair. We see it as a guidance platform that unleashes the hidden potential of Malaysian talents, helping them to discover and act upon their own strengths and passion in biotechnology and bio-based education to make a positive difference locally and globally. We expect to create more STEM talents to fuel an advanced workforce and propel Malaysia into a high-income nation status by 2025, as outlined in the Twelfth Malaysia Plan,” he adds.

Dean of QIU’s Faculty of Integrated Life Sciences, Prof. Dr. Vilasini Pillai looks forward to partnering with Bioeconomy Corporation to create excitement and renewed interest in biotechnology and life sciences, which are often misunderstood fields among students in Malaysia. “Some of the biggest innovations of the 21st century are at the intersection of biology and technology, so we want students to know that they can be an important part of this. Through Mini BioCareer with Bioeconomy Corporation, we encourage our students, as well as parents and the public, to not just listen but learn from industry experts on how they can carve their future with biotechnology,” she adds.

The Mini BioCareer is a BioAcademy programme under Bioeconomy Corporation that acts as the primary facilitator and implementer of various programmes and training designed to develop biotechnology and bio-based talents and improve their skills in these industries. Attendees at the Mini BioCareer will get the chance to hear from biotechnology and bio-based industry players on career prospects and opportunities in these industries, and discover insights from biotechnology graduates working in the industries. The career awareness event is open to the public on 8 October, including biotechnology and life sciences graduates (diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduates), final-year university students, SPM/STPM leavers/students, parents, graduates/students from other fields of study or anyone interested in a biotechnology career.  To register for the event, please visit For more details, contact