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STEM knowledge and skills are essential to remain gainfully employed in the next decade

MESTR & Bioeconomy Corp lead the implementation of MOSTI’s National Science Week 2018 in Sarawak

Kuching: Techno-entrepreneurs, biotechnologists, data analysts and ICT professionals would be among the fastest growing jobs in the next decade and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) will be highly valued.

In an effort to inspire interest among young people in STEM subjects, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research, Sarawak (MESTR) and Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corp) with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), launched the Sarawak leg of the National Science Week program today.

The event was officiated by the Minister of MESTR, Dato’ Sri Michael Manyin Jawong.

Speaking at the event, MOSTI’s Deputy Secretary General (Science, Technology & Innovation) Prof Madya Dr Ramzah Dambul said that the Government’s efforts to make STEM subjects more appealing to the younger generation should be echoed by all parties involved in the education of young people.

“This is especially important to ensure that the country has sufficient knowledgeable and skilled human capital who are capable of advancing the field of global technology as we become a developed nation by 2050,” said Dr Ramzah.

Meanwhile, Bioeconomy Corp Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mohd Shuhaizam Mohd Zain said that in order to remain relevant, future workforce would need to be highly skilled at analysing and interpreting data – a skill learned through mastering the STEM disciplines – as technology are being introduced to improve productivity at the workplace.

“Not only that approximately 80% of the fastest growing occupations would require skills in STEM, the prevalence of automation technology and artificial intelligence creates a need for individuals to be able to interpret software-generated results and make sound recommendations in order to be gainfully employed.

“As such, we need to ensure that talents in Sarawak as well as the whole of Malaysia are enriched with these skills to not only keep pace with the demands but also allow them to build meaningful and rewarding careers in science, technology and innovations (STI) that can make a difference in the world,” Dr Mohd Shuhaizam said.

Bioeconomy Corp, an agency under MOSTI, has taken the lead to organise a one-day STEM based activities event with the support of MESTR, the Sarawak State Library and other research based agencies and institutions here.

Aimed at raising awareness on the importance of STI across all levels of society, the event is held simultaneously across the nation on the first week of April. It is also part of the government’s effort in achieving the 60:40 ratio – 60 percent students choosing scientific and technical studies and 40 percent in the arts and humanities.

Also aspiring to address the gap between science and society, the event featured a variety of interactive science programs targeted at students, educators, scientists, youth, public sector, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the private sector.

“As one of the leading agencies for the National Science Week in Sarawak, Bioeconomy Corp is pleased to play a part in creating and nurturing local talents to fulfill the growing demand for STEM workers,” Dr. Shuhaizam added.