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“WHO RUN THE WORLD 2023” Virtual Run Draws Over 800 Participants, Boosts Circular Economy, Empowers B40 Women in Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA, 13 April 2023 – Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation (Bioeconomy Corporation) is positioning itself as a leader at the forefront of economic, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives for biotechnology and bio-based industries in Malaysia. As part of this mission, Bioeconomy Corporation teamed up with Kloth Woman Up and Starun Malaysia to carry out a virtual run themed “WHO RUN THE WORLD 2023” in conjunction with International Women’s Day from 8 March to 8 April 2023. The 8km fitness event – which was the first ever virtual run organised by Bioeconomy Corporation – attracted 817 participants and contributed to improving waste management, boosting circular economy, and supporting the cause for marginalised women in Malaysia towards embracing ESG values within the biotechnology community.

Participants who selected three special categories in the running event, namely WOMAN POWER UPBLITZ & GLITZ, and FEM & FAM, received exclusive upcycled pouches made from used denim fabrics and sewn by five B40 women under the Kloth Woman Up initiative. Bioeconomy Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, En Mohd Khairul Fidzal Abdul Razak said that participants purchased a total of 408 denim pouches through the virtual run and approximately 60% of the total sales revenue was channeled to the ladies. He stated that besides helping to generate additional income for the B40 women, this approach also helps to keep textile waste away from landfills and reduce environmental pollution, as fabric materials can take hundreds of years to decompose.

“Concurrent with the virtual run, Bioeconomy Corporation also ran a denim donation drive, where our employees and the public were encouraged to donate unwanted denim to our Kitar-Kloth fabric recycling bins – a proud part of our corporate social responsibility commitment since 2018. With additional denim from Kloth Woman Up, we collected approximately 102 pairs of denim jeans weighing a total of 51kg, which were used to make 408 pouches. This prevented 102 denim jeans from ending up in landfills and saved 94kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO²e) emissions,” he added.

En Mohd Khairul stated that the virtual run highlights the important role that all layers of communities play in supporting marginalised groups and shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle, including responsible consumption and production, as stated by United Nations’ 12th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). “Bioeconomy Corporation aims to unlock the transformative effects of bioeconomy that drive meaningful change across numerous sectors and levels of society. “WHO RUN THE WORLD 2023” is in harmony with this focus – we are motivating people to move forward in the face of challenges and recreate their lives, as demonstrated by the B40 ladies who repurpose textile waste into higher value items, thus empowering their own livelihoods and preserving the environment. We are thrilled by the tremendous turnout for this virtual run, reflecting the rakyat’s compassion and eagerness to promote positive impact in socioeconomic changes, sustainable development, as well as public health and wellness in Malaysia,” he adds.

Individuals of all ages who participated in “WHO RUN THE WORLD 2023” virtual run had the convenience of completing the challenge anywhere, at any time from 8 March to 8 April 2023. Besides running, participants also accumulated steps at a distance of 8km or 10,000 steps by moving on treadmill, cycling, hiking, swimming, jogging or walking. Participants were eligible to receive a medal, shirt, bag, e-bib, e-certificate, among other freebies (depending on the selected categories) that would be delivered to them from 10 to 17 April 2023. For more information, visit